Sunday May 26, 2 pm

HAMMERTOWNE is a traditional bluegrass band from Eastern Kentucky that has carved out a place in today’s bluegrass industry by writing and performing high-quality, original yet traditional songs. Their performances have been accurately described as “Aggressive,” “High Energy,” and “Undiluted.”

You won’t find much window dressing in HAMMERTOWNE. They play hard driving, straight-down-the-line bluegrass music. When you hear them kick off a tune, you don’t have to wonder what kind of music you’re listening to.



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Laura Lee's is a new venue for northeastern Kentucky. One hour from Cincinnati, or 1 hour from Lexington, Laura Lee's Concert House and Folk Theatre is nestled in Helena, a hamlet 10 minutes from the picturesque Ohio River. It is housed in an historic church on the National Register. Colonial Revival architecture and enormous stained glass windows create an ambiance that makes for an unforgettable evening.

Excellent acoustics and comfortable seating In climate-controlled theatre from 1914.

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