MaKenzie Thomas

Friday May 3, 7 pm

MaKenzie Thomas from “the Voice”

As always, R&B powerhouse MaKenzie Thomas turned in a captivating performance, boldly tackling a Mariah Carey tune for the second time this season. Taking on “Vision of Love,” Thomas gave the 1990 hit a gospel makeover, standing in front of a waterfall of light and earning cheers from the crowd as the song’s energy rose halfway through. Throwing in a few vocal tricks, the moment ended with fireworks and found Thomas still holding on to her final note once the band had finished, earning a rousing standing ovation. “That is what this show is all about,” remarked Kelly Clarkson, while Thomas’ coach Jennifer Hudson said simply, “You are a coach’s dream.” ~ Rolling Stone


MaKenzie Thomas Stuns with “Vision of Love” – The Voice 2018 Live …


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